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     Oasis is a global  provider that was born to bring "the way it ought to be" to our clients. Our properties are the best in their class. Our furniture is the furniture you want in your house. Our responsiveness is the type you wish all companies still had (a real person answers your calls 24/7).  As a global company, we provide our clients with the simplicity of having a one point of contact for all temporary furnished housing needs throughout the world. 

     By combining twice the space of hotel rooms and up to half the cost, Oasis brings cost-effective ideas, personal service and the simplicity of our one point of contact.  No matter if we are serving one individual or your entire corporation, we can provide the best in temporary furnished apartments anywhere.  

     When you are on an extended trip and want that "home away from home" feel, Oasis can help you find exactly what you are looking for.